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Remember that really cheesy cliche, When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, life never brings us lemons. We get vermin. Yes, vermin. Here’s a quick list:

2007: Weeks after we start homeschooling, G brings home head lice. Astute husband asks, “Aren’t you homeschooling? How did she get lice?!”

2010: Pinworms–or, as we like to call them, a parting gift from the state of Texas.

2011: Pinworms, Part 2: The gift that just keeps on giving–especially if one of your children sucks her thumb and another one digs holes in the dirt as a hobby.

2011: Mice. Not like the cute pet store versions. These guys pooped themselves silly under the kitchen sink and on the pantry shelves. My super brave neighbor promised to throw out any dead bodies that I captured. I held her to that promise.

Summer 2012: Fruit flies. Interesting discovery: they prefer red wine to cheap apple cider vinegar.

2013: Weevils. I posted earlier about having some extra time today due to the canceled swim meet. I thought I would use that time to pick up dinner and take the girls to the neighborhood pool. Nope, it started thundering, so we ate dinner and decided to go play outside. Nope. Kids went outside after I started shrieking that there were hundreds of tiny little bugs all over the floor of the pantry. We pulled everything out, vacuumed the pantry 5 times (no kidding), tossed out a huge bag of birdseed, scrubbed the floor, and checked every food item for signs of creepy-crawlies. In all fairness, G told me that I shouldn’t give the birds this particular type of seed since it’s not their favorite.