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With apologies to William Carlos Williams

It’s not supposed to arrive until tomorrow. Still I hold out hope that perhaps a brown UPS truck will pull into our driveway before the end of today with a special delivery from Animas Corporation. Until then, we’re exhausting all sorts of strategies to distract us from the waiting: swim practice, a 4-mile hill workout, chatting on Facebook, a trip to the library with 5 mynah birds young girls, a long email to my soccer team, and–I am not making this up–a neighborhood stake-out with 3 police officers in 3 different uniforms. Since all of that has failed to hasten the delivery of S’s new insulin pump, I thought I’d try a little poetry. Do you remember reading William Carlos Williams’ “The Red Wheel Barrow” in school? It’s the sort of poem that English teachers (me, included) like to assign because it makes poetry simple and accessible and allows us to gradually transition to scarier poets who use rhyme and 25ยข vocabulary words.

Insulin Pump

so much depends

a thin plastic

running from a silver

straight to Sarah’s

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Rainy Monday Haiku

Today’s post is light. It’s also in haiku and is a celebration of how I have accepted that I am growing older. And for the saleswoman who sold us 3 mattress sets in 30 minutes yesterday, it’s a nice chunk of commission.


No more aching back
or slow slide to the center,
The new mattress is here!