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Another Way to Support JDRF

Type 1 diabetes is near and dear to my heart. In our home, we jokingly refer to S’s diabetes as our fourth child. Let me clarify: we don’t love her diabetes, but constantly checking blood sugar, calculating insulin boluses, and counting carbohydrates is a full-time job!

The other week I shared that you could support the JDRF by purchasing paper shoes at Marshalls. Today I’m encouraging you to get your annual flu shot at Walgreens. (Disclaimer: I am not anti-vaccine, nor do I want to engage in a discussion on vaccines.) Every fall we all get our flu shot (or mist) to help keep the flu virus away from S. Regular illnesses that sideline otherwise-healthy individuals can really wreak havoc on a diabetic person. As an example, S contracted bronchitis this summer from her swim team buddies. She battled high blood sugars for almost a full month as her body reacted to the illness. High blood sugars mean extra finger pricks, extra insulin, checking for ketones, and being extra-vigilant with food choices. See what a pain diabetes is?

So if we can keep S from contracting the flu, we’re all on board to get our flu shot. Okay, 3 out of 5 of us are on board. I bribe the other two dissenters.

If you’re already planning to get this year’s flu shot, why not get it at Walgreens? Save yourself a doctor’s visit (and co-pay) and contribute to the JDRF at the same time. Just print out this flyer and present it at the time of your visit. Walgreen’s will donate $1 for each flu shot.

In other diabetes news, how exciting is this tidbit?! Medtronic has just introduced an FDA-approved insulin pump that used artificial pancreas technology! On Friday, the MiniMed 530G with Enlite was approved for use in the U.S. This insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor (CGM) system suspends insulin delivery when blood sugars start to drop below target levels. Amazing stuff, people! I know that many of you are more interested in the iphone 5, but I’d camp out for a week to get my hands on one of these!


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Don’t Forget Your Shoes!

Paper shoes, I mean.

Want an easy way to make someone’s day? Buy a shoe. Or two. Or three.

If you already enjoy shopping at Marshalls–can I tag my neighbor Sam in a blog post?!–there’s another reason to take your purchases to the check-out line. Buy a paper shoe and help find the cure for Type 1 diabetes. (I told you it would be easy.)

Every $1 spent on a paper shoe goes directly to the JDRF Paper Sneaker Campaign and funds research such as the artificial pancreas project. There are other ways to contribute to this amazing organization, and you can read about them right here. But today I’m just encouraging you to pick up a pair of shoes at Marshalls. (And Sam, you can tell your husband that I said it was okay.)

Need another reason to shop? Here she is. S is our extra-sweet daughter who has been living with Type 1 diabetes since she was 3 years old. You can’t see her insulin pump, but you can see her beautiful smile.

My extra-sweet S with a goat named Jane.

My extra-sweet S with a goat named Jane.