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Journey of a Thousand Miles

Does a journey of a thousand miles start with a step? Or is a thousand steps? Who knows. What I do know is that I logged my 1000th mile of 2014 today.

I finally have something to share via blog post. I’ve meant to write numerous things over the past two months; in fact, two of my loyal readers have commented on my online absence. (Yes, that’s you, Jen, and Daddy, too.) The days just seem to be extra full, and writing is the thing that gets pushed to the side. I’d love it if housework, cooking, or diabetes could be pushed to the side and forgotten for a few days, but they take precedence. Running does, too.

If you aren’t a runner, you’ll think that last sentence certifies me as crazy. To the contrary, it’s how I ensure that I don’t lose my mental grasp. I crave the endorphin release that comes after five or six miles of sweating and breathing heavily. It’s how I take care of myself physically and mentally.

All smiles after our miles.

All smiles after our miles.

And here is photographic evidence of H and me after today’s run. I ran 4.5 solo and then stopped home to pick up H for some PE time. She said she thought she could go a half mile today. I trotted along behind her and encouraged her to slow down and see if she could make it to the stop sign (or 1/4 mile) before needing a walk break. Instead she made it twice as far before declaring it was time to walk. We plodded home, and I checked the GPS one more time: One mile in just under 11 minutes.


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2000 Words and 1000 Miles

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are 1000 words to describe how it feels to run 1000 miles in just under 11 months:

We’re all smiles after our run–even if one of us is rather toothless.

H is my frequent companion on short training runs. She and her pink-purple kitty cat bike get lots of smiles wherever we run, and today she and I logged 4.5 miles. I reached my mileage goal more than 5 weeks ahead of schedule, and H was disappointed to learn that she hadn’t pedaled quite as far as I had run. She’s a good sport though. She let me take her picture, and then she took mine.

My first bike was red, orange, and yellow with a banana seat and handlebar streamers.