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The Day in Pictures

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I haven’t been running as often lately. Apparently my 40-year-old body has decided to act its age. I’m not very rubbery these days, and something always seems to hurt.

Since I’m not running as much, I haven’t been tweaking possible blog topics either. I do some of my best writing and praying while I run. I do have a piece I’ve been working on for awhile, and my goal is to find time this weekend to put it on (digital) paper. Life has been stressful lately, and praying has seemed more important than writing.

In the meantime, I thought I’d string together some sentences and three photos that I captured today. (Note: I am not a professional photographer. I didn’t even use a real camera–just my Galaxy S4. Don’t judge.) The first shot presented itself just before lunch.

20141212_133018A re-enactment of Hitchcock’s The Birds? We didn’t open the door to take our chances with this flock of blackbirds. After the noisy little things flew off, I consulted with Merlin, the bird ID app from Cornell University. I was disappointed to discover that these are probably relatives of the common grackles who used to poop mercilessly all over our cars when we lived in south Texas. (Here’s a plug for Merlin if you enjoy birding at any level. Download their free app; it’s well worth the time it take!)

The next photo op presented itself while H and I were running errands in “downtown” Leonardtown. We regularly visit several shops on Fridays while S and G take their art lesson, and we popped into Corner Critters, a quirky pet shop that keeps us stocked with hamsters and their accoutrements. Here is the colorful canine who greeted us at the checkout.

20141212_142307This is Whisper. She–or possibly he–is famous enough to have her own Facebook page with 2000 followers. She’s apparently a Ravens fan, too, and was happy to pose for me. That’s all I have to say about Whisper.

Finally, I captured this shot as G was finishing up her science lab. Yes, that’s a toilet in the background. Apparently she needed a dark, windowless room with a table or countertop. G decided that the toilet lid was equally convenient. Sigh. Homeschool science is definitely not high budget, and we apparently need to revisit the results from last spring’s science fair project. (You know, the one where we swabbed various household surfaces in search of bacteria.)

20141212_154933I’m off for a run now. There are just a few minutes of daylight left, and I need to figure out what I’ll be writing next.


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