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Can’t Trust That Day

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It started on Sunday night at the dinner table. On days before we have special events which require extra coordination, I like to run through a dress rehearsal with the girls. In theory, I do this for them so that they will be ready to leave the house on time. In reality, I like to say things out loud in front of Ryan so that there will be proof later on when the girls say, “But you never told us we had to go to the doctor!”

We needed to leave the house at exactly 9 AM so that we could drive to Georgetown for S’s regular diabetes check-up. We talked about dressing appropriately (no shorts), being polite to the endocrinologist (or suffering negative consequences), and packing lunches (one of my least favorite jobs). We negotiated school work and decided to visit the zoo instead of an art museum. Everyone went to bed, and that was exactly the last minute that Monday went according to plan.

If we owned an anteater, of course it would let the girls ride on its back.

If we owned an anteater, of course it would let the girls ride on its back.

“Mom, there are 2 ambulances on the street! They’re backing up to Mr. Ted’s house!”

This is what G yelled moments after I started my shower. I jumped out of the shower and into some clothes to discover that there were indeed paramedics next door. I checked on my elderly neighbor and answered a few questions. After he left via ambulance, I assured his housekeeper that I would walk Piper, Ted’s spunky little Scottie, and ask another neighbor to keep an eye on him while we were in DC.

That’s when we discovered that Silvia had given Piper the wrong pill. Piper didn’t realize that he was happily swallowing a beta blocker meant for his owner. We quickly decided we would call Piper’s vet and drop him off for observation.

Still, the girls and I were on track, and I knew Ted would be in good hands. Silvia headed to the ER, I headed home to find shoes and a jacket, and I asked S and H to walk Piper around the front yard. G was missing shoes so her job was to find some and then load up the car with lunch and school books.

Within 5 minutes, I was ready to go and feeling confident that we would still beat traffic and reach our destination on time. That’s when I realized that all 3 girls and Piper were G-O-N-E. Lunch and school books were still on the counter, too. Five minutes later I found the errant girls and loaded them into the car. There was no longer time to stop at the vet, so I handed Piper over to Clair, a neighbor who appeared magically at just the right time and volunteered to help. Clair rushed Piper to the vet, and I’m sure the girls wished they were going with her.

This was how my children view me while they're captive to a lecture.

This is how my children view me while they’re captive to a lecture: dangerous with sharp teeth.

We arrived at the endocrinologist’s office without missing any turns and with three extra minutes to spare; Piper enjoyed his day at the vet’s office without any ill effects; and we salvaged the day by spending two hours at the National Zoo. We were finally able to see Bao Bao, the panda cub, without waiting in line; G found two horses to admire; and rodent-loving S thoroughly enjoyed the small mammal house. When asked what her favorite animal was, H told me it was the little chipmunks running in and out of the exhibits. (Go figure.)

Finally the day was coming to an end. I answered all sorts of texts and made a few phone calls. I dropped off Piper’s food and medication–canine meds, I double-checked–at the kennel, and I headed to Bible study to recharge my worn-out soul.

I think this is Tian Tian, Bao Bao's father.

I think this is Tian Tian, Bao Bao’s father.

It turns out that the day wasn’t quite over. After I returned from Bible study, G informed me that she had just swallowed the wrong pill. Instead of the melatonin that she takes to help her fall asleep at night, she had mistakenly taken her morning medication: an 8-hour extended-release stimulant that wakes her brain up and helps her focus on school work.

Sing with me, readers:

Monday, Monday
Can’t trust that day
Monday, Monday
It just turns out that way
Oh, Monday, Monday


One thought on “Can’t Trust That Day

  1. Excellent! I had no idea there were so many other joys that day! You are one tough cookie! Thanks for being such a great neighbor!

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