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P.S. Happy Mother’s Day

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Yesterday afternoon H announced that Dad was home from Lowe’s and that he had brought me a new broom! I told H that I hadn’t asked for a new broom, so she added, “But it’s not your Mother’s Day present!” That’s a good thing.

Yesterday I also included a p.s. for 3 special mothers in my life. Today I think these women deserve more than a post script. How about some pictures instead?

Scan0007This is one of my very favorite photos of 3 generations of mothers and me! My mother Jane is on the left, my great-grandmother Georgia is holding me and my Nana (known to grown-ups as Doris) is wearing mustard yellow. I’m guessing that this picture was taken in the fall of 1974 in Nana and Granddad’s backyard.

Scan0011This Mother’s Day photo was taken just about 20 years later in May 2004. I’m all grown up in this photo, and my mother is still beautiful. G was 19 months old, and I was pregnant with S. We are sitting on the brand-new back deck of our first house.

Scan0008This photo is of Ryan and my mother-in-law Donna on the porch of a rental home on Vashon Island, Washington. Ryan appears to be 8, so this photo would date to 1979. Whether Donna is comforting my husband or just snuggling him, I love the sweetness of this moment.

Scan0012Here I am with my almost-mother Sharon at my wedding. Sharon is famous for her hugs; any hug that resembles a vise grip is known as an Aunt Sharon hug in our household. When I was growing up, the U.S. Navy often sent my family and Sharon’s family to the same duty stations; our parents were best friends. We followed each other around for about 20+ years; at times, we lived with each other. When I was in college, our families had homes just over a mile from each other in Norfolk; when Ryan and I moved to Corpus Christi in 2006, we rented a home the same distance from Sharon and Bill. Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bill became substitute grandparents to our girls during our last tour.

If you’re a mother and reading this post, I hope you have a delightful day and that no one gives you an extra-wide push broom. Happy Mother’s Day!


One thought on “P.S. Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Laura, What a blessing! Thank you so very much. I love you. I hope your Mother’s Day was delightful.


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