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A Productive Week

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Much to G’s disappointment, another polar vortex did not descend upon us this week. My snow-crazy child even lamented that other nearby counties got an ice storm, but we didn’t. I pointed out that we still had electricity, heat, and hot water. 11-year-olds just don’t care about these things!

Instead no lessons were canceled for bad weather, no one had any appointments, and we accomplished quite a bit of schoolwork. I thought I’d post photographic proof that we’ve been learning and creating this week.

In history, we’ve reached the 1400s and are trying to make sense of all the Richards, Edwards, and Henrys. We created our own banners for the Yorks and the Lancasters, and all three girls collaborated on a pop-out card of the Tower of London. H was only allowed to create the landscaping, and S and G fought over how many horses and guards were needed. Overall, it was a good way to learn some British history.


Q: Where did Richard III hide King Edward V and his brother?

S used her artistic abilities to enhance her study of E.B. White’s classic Charlotte’s Web. The supplies were simple: Sculpey, an empty Nuun box, some leftover Easter grass, and acrylic paint. Templeton the Rat is almost as big as Wilbur, but S insisted on hiding him in the crate. Charlotte is in the upper left-hand corner.


Next we took a break from conducting a science experiment to create an anatomy review game. The girls are still arguing about the name of the game and all the specific rules of play, but they drew and laminated this game board themselves. S and H created the game pieces–out of more Sculpey–and G is trying to figure out how to turn the red and white blood cells into wild cards.


Not pictured are the question cards that they wrote for the 8 different systems that we have studied so far this year. (Bonus points awarded to astute readers who can correctly identify the above organs.) The object is to collect one card of each color and reach the brain first.


H and I also finished our winter nature study. The recent snow was well-timed for our unit on weather, birds, animals, music, and art. Today we made some bird feeders. Pine cones, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds were all it took.


H was optimistic about the birds’ chances of eating the three treats that we hung along the side yard. She’s only 6, but I knew better. This little guy was happily munching his way through cone #1 when we returned from art lessons today.


At least the bird feeder is squirrel-proof.

P.S. For those wondering, Ryan is safe, busy, and hard at work.


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