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Turning a Corner

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We’ve made it to Day 28 of this deployment, and as my title suggests, we’ve turned a corner. Life seems to have settled into a manageable routine for the girls and for me. Of course, I had a little lots of help last week. My dad spent nearly four days with us, and that seems to have made a huge difference in my outlook and the girls’ behavior.

Last Monday, I had my semi-annual homeschooling review. Our county schedules reviews at the local public libraries, and I usually bring the girls with me. Last school year, two of the girls decided to have their very first fistfight during my review. Can I just say that it was one of my most embarrassing moments as a mom? I had just finished explaining that G was singing in our church choir–because that fulfills a music requirement–when H rushed over to tell me that G punched S. Let’s just say that I needed a few minutes to find different time-out spots for the girls before I could continue the review. This week I went to my review solo, and it was so relaxing not to be interrupted by a child asking questions or contradicting one of my statements.

On Tuesday, we prepared for Round 2 of snow and sub-freezing temperatures. And Wednesday did not disappoint: four more inches of snow arrived! As has become our snow day routine, we complete math and language arts and then head outside for P.E. (i.e. sledding). My dad and I shoveled snow instead of sledding. While I managed to shovel out one neighbor’s driveway, he shoveled two driveways. He’s an overachiever.


Wednesday evening brought H’s biggest meltdown of the week. On the previous day, she had a long sob over the fact that both pairs of favorite leggings were in the washing machine at the same time, and then she remembered that her daddy was gone, and it took a long time to stop her tears. But on Wednesday, she discovered that her two big sisters had destroyed her only Barbie doll. By destroyed, I mean that S tattooed a skull and crossbones (in Sharpie) on Barbie’s thigh. G finished her off by removing every. last. piece. of. her. hair. No kidding. Somehow my dad and I managed not to laugh or crack a smile while G cleaned up the bathroom and I doled out the appropriate punishment.

G can also use her powers for good. Here she is demonstrating her snow tunnel!

G can also use her powers for good. Here she is demonstrating her snow tunnel!

By Friday, life seemed to be approaching normal. We worked through the morning without taking a break to play outside, and we ventured out for afternoon art lessons.

Today was not-so-exciting. Dragging three children along for an oil change is nobody’s idea of Saturday fun. Nor is grocery shopping. On the plus side, one of my neighbors kept an eye on the girls while I managed an 8-mile training run. I’ve decided to celebrate my next birthday–and new age group–by running the Iron Girl Half Marathon in Columbia, MD, so it’s time to hit the road again. And yes, we did visit our local Target so that H could pick out a replacement for the maimed Barbie. As she stood in the Barbie aisle pondering the many choices, G kept telling me that Barbies were ridiculously expensive and that she didn’t want to spend all of her money. As I calmly explained to her, I hope this is the first and last Barbie she ever buys for her sister.

And that brings us to 28 days. 4 weeks. A full lunar month. I think we’re going to survive.

[Note: I’m not being callous or self-centered when I omit my husband from our family’s activities. I can’t give details on his location, and I’ve learned not to ask how he spends his days. In good time, he’ll share what he can. For now, I simply pray that he does his job well and returns home healthy and whole.]


One thought on “Turning a Corner

  1. I am glad I am not the only one who has times like these. With Caitlyn being the only girl, I think I am overly protective of her girly things! Blessings on the rest of the deployment.

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