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Ragnar Recap

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I think my quads have finally recovered from my Ragnar DC weekend since I can now successfully descend any flight of stairs. But I know any future race experiences have been completely ruined by winning a spot on the First Annual Ultimate Mother Runner Showdown. Pay an entry fee to run? You’re not sending me clothing, shoes, hydration, nutrition, and assorted swag? Seriously?

My smile was genuine after climbing straight up the Appalachians for 2 miles!

Instead of writing my own recap, I’m going to send you to to the words of my 12 teammates. Look at the pictures, read each mom’s favorite memories, and let you know what you think.

Team Dimity (aka Are Our Kids Still Chasing Us?) at National Harbor after 36 legs across Maryland.

Since all good things must come to an end, I need to conduct math and science lessons. Polygons and the digestive system may not be as fun as Ragnar, but it’s time to come down from my cloud.


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