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A Thank-You Note


I met some wonderful mother runners this past weekend as we gathered in Cumberland, Maryland, for the start of Ragnar Relay DC. 25 of them, to be exact. While everyone was like-minded in her love for running and dedication to family, some of them were extraordinarily creative. The ladies from Another Mother Runner had already showered us with swag from their sponsors (Saucony, Nuun, 110%, Hyland’s, SofSole, Skinfare, Nuttzo, and Ultimate Direction) throughout the summer and fall, but several moms gifted us with fruits from their own hands on Thursday evening. In lieu of my usual handwritten thank-you notes, I want to publicly thank the following moms:

Aimee shared her gorgeous bluegrassy, folk album Dirt Road Dreams. Listen to a few tracks. “Lullaby for Flint” is my favorite.

Dirt Road Dreamer by Aimee Hoyt

Schuy gave each of us a soft cotton tank and hand towel with the logo from her women’s active wear shop. My sweaty tank is still in the laundry basket, but here’s a quick picture of my new spinning towel!

I'm shopping at Indigo Schuy if I ever make it to Chesnut Hill, PA.

I’m shopping at Indigo Schuy if I ever make it to Chesnut Hill, PA.

Nikki is also known as The Girl Who Quilts. She somehow found time to whip up two dozen quilted clutches for the mother runners. She must not sleep.

That's the Ragnar logo with my name embroidered. There's a zipper, too!

That’s the Ragnar logo with my name embroidered. There’s a zipper, too!

Bethany contributed a piece to a hilarious book on motherhood and brought copies for everyone. Buy a copy of Bethany’s book if you need a good laugh!

Bethany’s contribution is “Parenting is Taboo.”

Rebecca baked cookies for us. And these weren’t just any cookies. These were professionally crafted cookies that were delicious, uniform in size, and tiny works of art. I ate three of my cookies during my Ragnar adventure because they were full of carbs, and carbs are good for runners. Don’t judge Rebecca’s talent by the one surviving cookie I brought home. If you ignore the cracks, you can see the amazing detail that she put into my race bib cookie. Oh, and did I mention that Rebecca bakes for fun?

I think Rebecca has found her calling. Open a shop!

I think Rebecca has found her calling. Open a shop!

Thank you, ladies. Thank you also to Laura and Terri who created custom stickers so that we’ll remember our Ragnar experience long after our muscles have repaired themselves. And thank you to the wonderful mother runners who gave me the weekend of a lifetime.

I promise to post more later this week. My camera battery died in the hotel lobby, and I am starting to rethink my refusal to own a smart phone. (Just thinking, not willing to give in to the peer pressure yet.) I will eventually post pictures, but for now you’ll have to settle for a picture of me pre-race in my pink tutu. No, I wasn’t the only one wearing one. Yes, it was surprisingly comfortable and served as a race belt and an easy way to identify teammates.

Ready to run Ragnar in my Tuff Girl tutu!

Ready to run Ragnar in my Tuff Girl tutu!

P.S. I would be seriously remiss–and seriously in danger of never being allowed to leave the house again–if I didn’t thank my husband Ryan for making this weekend happen. Thank you for stepping into my size 8.5 shoes for three days and keeping the kids alive and the house in working order. I love you.


5 thoughts on “A Thank-You Note

  1. Awwww! I’m so grateful to have met you!!

  2. What a lovely thank-you note! Yes, please do visit us if you’re ever in Chestnut Hill, PA!

  3. Laura. It was so amazing to meet you!i think you and I both became tutu believers….loved your post. Keep in touch and let me know if you are ever in the CT or NYC. Area…

  4. Laura, I’m so glad we had Thursday to spend together! What an awesome adventure we shared!

  5. It was great to hang with you all weekend Laura. I enjoyed your company.

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