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I Took My Own Advice

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Did you read my blog posts for Compassion during September? I signed up to write because I thought, “Hey, I already write a blog, we already sponsor two Compassion children, and I think rescuing children from poverty is a good thing.” Easy enough. As I encouraged others to think about sponsoring a child, my own husband suggested that we sponsor a third child.

Since Joselinne #1 is the same age as G, and Joselyne #2 is S’s age, we thought we’d let H help us choose another child. H knew exactly what she wanted: a 6-year-old girl who lives in Rwanda. Because it’s heart-breaking to read through all the biographies of the available children, we simply chose the child who has been waiting the longest. And so, 364 days after enrolling in Kigina Student Center, Brenda has a sponsor. While Brenda doesn’t strike me as a typical Rwandan name, we knew we had to choose her. A whole year of waiting?! Welcome to our family, Brenda. (Isn’t she ridiculously cute?!)

Brenda in Rwanda

Now if you want to sponsor a child from Rwanda or another country where Compassion serves through the local churches, this is the thank-you gift that awaits you after you register.


One thought on “I Took My Own Advice

  1. Would you like to visit your girls in June?

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