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Photo Finish

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I have yet to master the art of taking a good action shot while running. Or should I say I can’t seem to focus on running and posing. Case in point: This is the photo finish of me (#67) seconds before I crossed the end of the Chaptico Classic 10k. My eyes are, as usual, closed, and the effort of catching a runner whom I trailed for 6.1 miles is all over my face. But I don’t care. I PR’ed last Saturday and ran my first race at 8:00 pace! That’s 49:22 for those of you trying to do the math in your head.


From The Enterprise, September 4, 2013
Staff photo by TAMMY SHOWALTER

I would be remiss if I didn’t include my dad, too. We ran 6.1 together and kept a steady pace. Before we started, he asked me what my goal was. I wanted to break 50 minutes, but the heat and humidity of summer had significantly slowed my training pace. Mile after mile, I was surprised to see us running under 8:00. Once we conquered the hill in Mile 5, I knew he had helped me reach my goal. And while he didn’t sprint to the finish, I knew he wouldn’t mind if I did. So here he is, too–#12 in the yellow shirt. Thanks, Daddy!

Staff photo by TAMMY SHOWALTER

Staff photo by TAMMY SHOWALTER


One thought on “Photo Finish

  1. Wow–congrats on the rockstar time! I can’t ever seem to get a good running picture either. I think it’s just hard.

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