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I Think It Might Be Time for a Dog….

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It’s either time to get a dog again, or we’re going to be buying a whole lot of replacement hamsters. I’m not sure how much more love Brownie and Oreo can handle.


The world’s most spoiled hamster

Yes, this is one of the girls swaddling Brownie. And no, he doesn’t seem to mind the pink blankie with satin binding; in fact, he’s happy to go to sleep in this leftover baby blanket. And on days when I haven’t had an hour to myself, someone’s upset with me, someone else is upset with her sister, no one is listening to the science lesson, and there is a mountain of laundry to be washed and folded, I think that adding a dog to the mix might just push me over the edge. So I’ll let the girls continue to swaddle the hamsters, and I’ll continue to plunk down $19 for a new hamster when the time comes.


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