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You Just Have to Know Where to Look

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Or at least that’s what my wise mother says. I phoned her yesterday after pulling a butternut squash out of the microwave, cutting it in half, and finding this:


Those are butternut squash sprouts attached to the seeds inside my cooked squash. Weird! Not dangerous or poisonous though. I snapped a quick picture–since my children love to examine all things weird and abnormal–and scooped out the mess. I will admit that it is somewhat creepy to pull out the sprouts; they are rather worm-like.

My mom’s advice came after I told her about the girls’ latest finds this week: a ginormous, horned beetle and a dead hummingbird. G has a particular fascination with insects so we stopped to examine this prehistoric-looking creature outside of the dermatologist’s office. S spotted the hummingbird in the mulch outside a Starbucks just a few minutes later. “Mom, it’s a female, and I’m fairly sure she died of natural causes,” S pronounced. No arguing there. What is fast enough to snag a hummer? “How do they always find such interesting things,” I asked my mom. (Seriously. It’s like we’re on a never-ending field trip. I never know what we’ll find when we leave the house.) “Oh, Laura, it’s because your girls are always looking down and digging around for things, and you’re looking straight ahead,” was her pithy reply. Then she added that some day they’d probably find a $20 bill. (They’ve already found a $5 bill.)

She’s right though. Aren’t moms good at that quality?! My girls don’t worry about looking ahead–and they have the scars to prove it–or thinking through the consequences of their actions. My job is to look ahead for them and steer them onto the correct paths. In time, they’ll learn to pick up their heads, too, but I hope they never stop looking down for the hidden and unexpected.


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